Russ Rausch on how Vision Pursue can improve performance at home and at work

Russ Rausch
Vision Pursue
Vision Pursue’s mission is to dramatically improve the way people experience life by improving their mindset.

Most people escape stress through excessive drinking, eating, spending and TV watching. They also periodically try to change behavior and results by getting more knowledge, or using positive thinking, happiness techniques and goal setting. This usually does not create sustainable change, because it does not impact the source of the stress and behavior.

The team at Vision Pursue has learned, and science has demonstrated, that an effective way to reduce stress and improve behavior and results is to improve mental functioning or mindset. Once the mindset is right, productive emotions and realized potential will follow.

Russ is an executive with over 16 years of C-Level experience with companies in the hedge fund and technology sectors. Russ founded Vision Pursue (VP) and he produces content, designs the app program, and conducts training. Before VP, Russ was the COO of the hedge fund Emil van Essen in Chicago. He was also part of the executive team that took the trading software firm, Trading Technologies, Inc. (TT), from a 20-person start-up to a successful 650-person global company as CFO, Head of Global Support, and EVP of Global Buyside Sales.