Elena Sinelnikova and Nataliya Hearn from CryptoChicks

Elena Sinelnikova
Nataliya Hearn


CryptoChicks is a non-profit blockchain educational hub with a mission to grow the professional and leadership potential of women in blockchain technology through education and mentorship. Our events are open to everyone, but we are particularly focused on educating women because we believe that women’s involvement will help blockchain realize its enormous potential as an instrument of positive change in the world. We hold workshops, conferences and hackathons for women entrepreneurs, women involved in technology, women corporate managers, Women investors, career ladies, housewives, grandmothers, and all other women.

October 5-8, 2018 – CryptoChicks Hackathon + Conference in partnership with Women4Blockchain.com

Elena Sinelnikova founded CryptoChicks.ca in July 2017 with the vision to empower and inspire women interested in learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. She managed to involve hundreds of women who became blockchain evangelists, blockchain developers, blockchain entrepreneurs themselves. Elena developed CryptoChicks into an international hub for women talent in blockchain technology with programs in Canada, US, Russia, Pakistan and Bahamas and major hackathon events that are supported by Royal Bank of Canada, Deloitte, Microsoft, IBM. Elena holds a Master of Computer Science and her specialties are in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, application architecture, software design and development.

Nataliya Hearn (Ph.D. Materials Engineering University of Cambridge) Professor turned serial entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Element 21 (ranked as the fastest growing company in Canada run by a woman W100 2009) that brought Scandium technology from the former Soviet Union to sports (baseball, golf, lacrosse), electronics, and aviation industries. Organized the launch of the golf drive from the International Space Station (2006).