Amanda Elms from Metis Genetics discusses the need for genetic counseling in medicine

Amanda Elms
Founder and CEO
Metis Genetics LLC
Metis Genetics works to relieve the burden of finding and managing the genetic counseling support that both physicians and patients need.
They provide a custom yet affordable web-based solution for expert genetic counseling that allows partners to focus on their core business and gives patients convenient access to genetic counseling. Metis can work in tandem with any genetic counseling program to enhance the services physicians already offer, or they can develop a complete solution tailored to meet specific needs.

Amanda elms is a healthcare executive with 20 years experience in the genetics industry. She is Founder and CEO of Metis Genetics with executive expertise in company development and product commercialization, with Experience including strategic business planning, product development, comprehensive market analysis, competitor review, product pricing, sales and sales management.