Tony Simonovsky on CEO Money

Tony Simonovsky
CEO, Entrepreneur, Digital Nomad,

Tony’s story begins on 12 September 2012, when he left office job in Moscow and completely changed my life. That was the time when he started to make my dreams come true. 5 months in Goa, India, which was a good start to brace up after being stuck in the city doing the same thing, years after it stopped giving happiness. And the first dream of living in another country came true.

5 months traveling around Europe on a motorcycle right after India and his second dream came true. 12,000 kilometers of road meditation.
Starting capoeira, which alone makes many dreams come true.
Living a nomad life. Searching for and finding people who inspire me, hunting for amazing stories of lives. Admiring the wonders life has in store for you and the fact how easy it is to get them.