Steven Sable from Visionary Thinking Group and CEO Money

Steven Sable
Chairman-Xerox Distinguished Visionary Thinker-Emeritus
Visionary Thinking Group, LLC.
Visionary Thinking Group is a Disabled American Veteran (DAV)-owned applied research and technology accelerator firm. We are dedicated to resolving known or unknown fundamental issues in Client’s development activities and in-market products.

Their group is a blend of on-demand Polytechnic PhDs scientists and master–level engineers. We are agnostic with respect to any market vertical or corporate influence. Their solutions are created by a perspective differential unique to corporate inertia. They are in a constant mode of increasing our roster of resources.

They are the feedstock for OEMs, investment firms and polytechnic manufacturing firms, all with an eye on enhanced ROI, ROA and ROS.

Their work in: Medical devices, Energy/Utility, Industrial and Food Service exceed status-quo thinking in its results. We have served said markets in excess of 40 years providing market-altering solutions.

As well, they have a Portfolio of Proprietary Products in the same verticals which has been independently apprised in excess of US$4.4 B for the life-of-the-products. It is their interest to implement the successful commercialization of these paradigm-shifting products.