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Rory Cutaia
CEO – nFusz

NFusz’ proprietary, next generation interactive video technology is the core of their cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. Their flagship product, notifiCRM, places interactive video front and center in all customer and prospect communications, automating the sales process. They offer subscription-based CRM, sales lead generation, and social engagement software on mobile and desktop platforms for sales-based organizations, consumer brands, and artists seeking greater levels of engagement and higher conversion rates. Their platform can accommodate any size campaign or sales organization, and is enterprise-class scalable to meet the needs of today’s global organizations.

NFusz’ Advantages:
Companies understand the value of video marketing, but when using video they are losing clients between the view and the call to action. That’s why interactivity is so valuable. Clients can respond on-demand, within the video.

Sometimes clients are really excited about implementing a video strategy, but they don’t currently have one. We have a few suggestions: Promo Video is a fun program where you can use existing video templates to make animated social media or promotion videos really easily. We love them. Once you have a video, you can then upload it into the nFusz system and add interactivity…

Many companies already have some type of promotional, advertising, instructional or recap videos. Adding interactivity is a way to freshen up stagnant videos and make them engaging. Interactivity is fun and novel for people, it’s a great way to stimulate viewers and drive them to take action, which can then all be tracked. We offer really unique and insightful analytics generated by that engagement.

Marketers and Sales people are often using email blasts or personalized email outreach to target prospects, with average Click through rates of .1-1%. With intetactive video, your Click through rates will go up to somewhere between 30-40%. If you’re in media or an influencer, think about how much more valuable your media or email blasts just became. Not only that, but our analytics give you insights into behaviors. No other product can give you that kind of data from an email blast. You’ll be able to addcalls to action that allow you to understand if a viewer is interested in purchasing your product, scheduling a meeting with you, interested in watching more of your videos, downloading more information, connecting with you by phone, however you’d like to add calls to action through our interactivity. Additionally you’ll see who watched the videos, how long the viewer watched the video and how many times. This level of insight into behaivor allows any user to start to understand their viewers wants and needs, interests and profiles. It’s invaluable information for marketing and sales people. Having this data also allows users to do extremely effective AB testing with much deeper insights than traditional testing would offer.


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    Ali Hassan 11 months ago

    Mr. Cutaia I believe your software should be introduced directly to CEOs of major companies like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft. To improve sales in current and future customers weather maybe business or retail. Sure salesforce among those companies are going directly to the CEO to introduce the product I sending a PR man like you have just hired to make the contact and the pitch man would be you. I am currently an investor of your company. Thank you for your time keep up the good work I know it’s hard but the rewards will come in I’m leaving your tech.

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