Mark Springer and Katie Coles from Avatar Nutrition

Mark Springer

Katie Coles

Avatar Nutrition
Avatar Nutrition uses state of the art scientific formulas combined with innovative programming and user tools have come together to bring the power of flexible dieting to–YOU!
Avatar is a team of PhDs, dietitians, and athletes who know exactly how you feel. They understand the frustrations of contradictory nutritional information and instant gratification guarantees, because we too, were once victims of their false allure. They believe that there’s only one way to shed light on the faulty fitness information.

Mark Springer is the co-founder and CEO of Avatar Nutrition. Fed up with trendy diets, nutrition tips and a personal health journey of his own, Springer created Avatar Nutrition to bring a reliable, science-based system to the masses. He believes repairing your relationship with diet and exercise fuels success both in the gym and everyday life.
Katie Coles is the co-founder and CSO of Avatar Nutrition. As a registered dietician and nutritionist, she began in personal training, helping individuals meet their goals with an alternative method: flexible and reverse dieting. Coles created Avatar Nutrition to make flexible and reverse dieting more accessible to the everyday person. Based on her own research and personal success, she believes it’s a simpler approach to living a healthy lifestyle.