Kory Farooquie from iNVATERRA on CEO Money

Kory Farooquie
Kory brings 20 years of Enterprise Strategy Execution, Advisory, Sales, Leadership and Entrepreneurial experience. He has spent his career advising C-level Executives on all facets of Enterprise Advisory in focus areas including Outsourcing and Outsourcing Advisor, M&A Advisory, Digital Transformation and Process Streamlining.
Kory has represented firms such as Accenture, Alsbridge, KPMG and HP. Kory is a Data and Intelligent Automation Evangelist and Keynote Speaker. He works with global clients to bring the C-suite together and help them roadmap a future in the age of Data, Automation and Artificial Intelligence with a goal to cater to the upcoming AI Native generation. He will soon be releasing his book enabling the Enterprise to create a path to thriving in the next 100 years and for Humanity to coexist with Intelligent Machines in a Utopian way and avoid a Dystopian outcome.
Kory founded iNVATERRA in 2006 and oversaw its rapid growth and diversification into various different traditional and managed service offerings, market segments and geographies. He brings his entrepreneurial spirit to every engagement – Big or Small with a goal of surviving through disruption.
iNVATERRA is a Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Digital Transformation firm. iNVATERRA provides Intelligent Automation (Cognitive RPA) solutions to enable our clients to save money and create efficiencies through Process Automation. We also work with our clients by not only helping them chart a Digital Transformation Journey, but also executing it with People, Tools, Processes and Technologies.
Our Leveraged Automation & Business Science (L.A.B.S.) offering enables our clients to build cost-effective dedicated teams of comprising AI developers, R&D and Data Scientists, RPA certified resources and DevOps engineers with a unique Industry-Academia partnership to incubate the best of the best talent specifically to our client’s needs.
Our goal is to treat each one of our customers as a Tier 1 Partner. We work tirelessly with clients globally to create innovative products and solutions and help our customers by providing the talent necessary for a successful Digital Transformation journey.