Investor roundtable with Rory Cutaia from nFusz

Rory Cutaia
CEO – nFusz
This week – since Rory on a US tour to reach out and meet nFusz investors nationwide – he dropped in to the CEO Money studio with some special guests. He and host Michael Yorba discuss nFusz, features of the CRM you can look forward to using for your marketing, and some hints about what is in the pipeline for the company.

nFusz is poised to disrupt the CRM industry because its notifiCRM is designed to create customer engagement while other CRM applications merely track customer engagement. Its interactive videos with clickable calls-to-action right in the video do the selling for you. Even inexperienced users can enjoy increased sales by leveraging the power of effective, corporate compliant, interactive videos they can easily distribute through email, text messages, or through posts directly to social media right from the notifiCRM cloud-based application, and right from any mobile or desktop device. notifiCRM was designed to eliminate selling skills, or lack thereof, from the sales process using cutting edge, proprietary technology.