Edward Morgan from Revitalize Charging Solutions on CEO Money

Edward Morgan
CEO – Revitalize Charging Solutions

Edward Morgan is Founder & CEO of Revitalize Charging Solutions, Inc., an environmental technology company specializing in the manufacture and installation of energy-efficient electric vehicle charging stations. In December 2017, RCS launched Rev+ Dual Home Charger, the only dual residential home charger that combines an Interface with wifi, Bluetooth, and web browser. Rev+ allows a regular EV driver the ability to charge up to two cars at a time on a single electric circuit, at the cost of a single connector charger price point. RCS won the 2016 TechFW Impact Award recognizing North Texas start-up companies that bring innovative technologies to market with a global impact. Mr. Morgan has participated on multiple technology/entrepreneur panels.

Edward holds an (A.S.) in Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering Technology from ITT Technical Institute-Saint Rose. He also holds several technology certifications and is a Smart Start client at Tech FW. He is a US Navy Reserve veteran.

Revitalize Charging Solutions is on the cutting edge of EV Technology. Our goal is simple, to keep your battery charged and your electric vehicle drivable. With this in mind, we have designed and built an interactive charger, that is easy to use and a pleasure to operate. Whether you are a private or public business, municipality, parking garage, university or a workplace, we have a solution for you.