Allen Witters from Standard Harvest on CEO Money

Allen Witters
Standard Harvest
Allen Witters is a highly accomplished and visionary innovator and CEO with more than 40 years of success across the technology, medical, energy, and manufacturing industries. He started his first company at age 17, has led several multinationals, has proven highly successful at turning around distressed businesses, and has negotiated over $20 billion in contracts and financings. He is a valuable asset for companies seeking to enable innovation and reinvention, going through analog to digital transitions, needing business and technical roadmaps for turnaround, or in need of expert guidance to achieve “impossible” projects.

His broad areas of expertise include innovation, global leadership, business development, finance, restructuring, patents, M&A, IPO, R&D, licensing, P&L, government contracts, cybersecurity, IT, B2B, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, M2M, IoT, cloud, and renewable energy.

Mr. Witters is currently a managing partner of iKuity/Nouvant, an IP platform that manages and markets $100 billion in IP for the top 20 research centers and universities in the U.S. He has founded and led seven prominent companies including Computer Aided Timeshare, then the largest distributor of PC-based CAD systems.

Allen in addition founded IRUS Inc., providing a systems platform to emergency response teams including the United Nations; WAM!Net Inc., the world’s largest private secure IP network with clients in 85 countries; Offroad Only LLC, a startup that manufactures sensor devices; Falcon Group LLC, a holding company that funds businesses in strategic growth markets; Natures Accent Inc., an integrated renewable energy company, where he arranged $8 billion in project funding; and Polytor Global, a holding company in partnership with Duracell.

Allen graduated from high school two years early and earned several advanced graduate degrees through equivalent work experience in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Business Administration, Economics and Finance. As a seasoned board member, he has held board positions with 11 prominent companies, including several multi-billion dollar multinationals. He holds a top secret security clearance and has been a former or current advisor to Fortune 100 companies and governments including the U.S. Navy, NSA, DoD/Pentagon, Disney, Sony, Walmart, Warner Bros., Belgium, and Germany. He has received prestigious awards from The Smithsonian and Ernst & Young, has earned numerous patents for innovations in energy and tech.