Vanessa Braxton from Black Momma Teas and Vodkas on CEO Money

Vanessa Braxton
Black Momma Tea and Cafe/ Black Momma Vodka

Vanessa Braxton was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She comes from a background in Corporate and Government Industry. She has managed Construction and Engineering contracts worth over 350 million for NY State government prior to her retirement from Engineering & Construction.
In addition, Vanessa Braxton was VP of Business Development and sat on the NY State Board of the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials. (An Elected Position)
Vanessa Braxton is the first African-American Woman Distiller & Master Blender and Operator of a Nationally Distributed Vodka in the United States, as well as the only Black Owned Tea and Beverage Manufacturing Facility. Mrs. Braxton is currently building 4 additional manufacturing facilities in the US to create jobs and economic development through Black Momma Brands. Ms. Braxton is has developed a Franchise Division Black Momma Tea’s and Café’s building the First Flagship/Corporate location in Long Island and thereafter building at least 150 locations in the future.

Black Momma is a Superior Vodka, Distilled 5 Times and Filtered 5 Times. Drink what the Sexy and Elite drink! The Game has changed and the word is out, Black Momma Vodka is Here!
Flavored Vodka: Chai Tea Vodka, Pomegranate Tea Vodka, Green Tea Vodka, Peach Tea Vodka and Sour Sop Tea Vodka.

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  1. Oh my goodness, my business partners and I had the pleasure of tasting Black Momma Vodkas and they were the best Vodkas we’d ever tasted. In addition to the vodkas, we enjoyed the tea and the agave. Congratulations Vanessa Braxton, on having such high quality products in the marketplace. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Vanessa Braxton and her Black Momma brand.

  2. Loved Vanessa’s story! will be looking for these products in Houston, TX .
    best of wishes and great luck to Black Momma Brand.. LOVE this name too!

  3. Interested in buying stock

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