Zyrobotics LLC, Merchant Banking Resources, krtkl featured on CEO Money

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Johnetta McaCalla
CEO – Zyrobotics LLC


Zyrobotics LLC – Zyrobotics® provides inclusive mobile technologies that make learning accessible for early childhood and disabled students.

Mark McGuire
Merchant Banking Resources


Merchant Banking Resources is a recognized Top 20 company for merchant cash advances, accounts receivable financing, and other similar instruments for business owners. Merchant Banking Resources prides itself on its customer satisfaction and the support provided to clients.
Helping businesses thrive and succeed is the ultimate goal, Merchant Banking Resources strives to achieve. They help both large sized companies and small businesses, each with unique requirements, procure the various amounts of funds needed to grow and expand successfully.

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Deal Finders
Mr. Stewart is a University of Notre Dame graduate having 20 plus years’ experience with Dean Witter and MacDonald ,Krieger and Bowyer where he gained skills in Security Trading and Portfolio management ,Technical Analysis,Insurance Products and Alternative Investments. Mr. Stewart then joined a Financial Management Firm as the Director / Manager of overall Investment Programs where he managed and developed Tax Advantaged Strategies.

Ryan Cousins
CEO – krtkl
krtkl is manufacturer of the Snickerdoodle, A palm-sized, reconfigurable Linux computer that connects to the real world: ARM + FPGA + Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + 180 I/O Founded in 2014, krtkl makes developing bleeding-edge, automated systems affordable, easy, and fun. The team’s obsession with quality, functionality, and the user experience shows in every element of its designs. After decades of developing custom embedded controllers, building mechatronic systems, and implementing safety-critical architectures, the krtkl founding team finally grew tired of constantly fighting with tools that ultimately hurt projects more than they helped.

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