Stratus Video, Ohmconnect, and Blake Beckham on CEO Money

With Guests:

Maureen Huber
CFO/COO – Stratus Video


Stratus Video offers industry-leading language access services and telehealth solutions. We are committed to improving lives through better communication. At Stratus Video, we are inspired by the opportunity to strengthen human connections through innovative technology. Our unique applications-based approach drives more impactful visual connections with a focus on:
Patient outcomes, Secure outcomes & Cost savings

Matt Duesterberg
CEO & Founder – Ohmconnect

OhmConnect pays users to turn down their electricity in addition to lowering their energy bill. OhmConnect connects the existing infrastructure of smart meters and energy markets, and provides a simple communication layer for our users. When an #OhmHour occurs, users elect to save and participate, and if they do, OhmConnect pays them for it. In addition, we hook up to smart home devices like wifi thermostats, electric cars, and smart plugs to automate reductions.

Blake Beckham
Founder and President – The Beckham Group

Texans Against High Speed Rail


Blake, as a fourth generation Texan, comes from a long line of land-owning entrepreneurs. He has long been a champion of private property rights.

Facing the prospect of a private company, Texas Central Partners, backed largely by Japanese interests, attempting to misuse the power of eminent domain to scar the beautiful countryside of Texas, Blake has partnered with Texans Against High Speed Rail to defeat the Bullet Train project.

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