This Week in Recycling from TreeZero

Europe’s paper recycling rate reaches 72.5%

On track to reaching its commitment of achieving a 74-per-cent paper recycling rate across Europe by 2020, the European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC) says its latest recycling rate is 72.5 per cent.


Brazil Closes Latin America’s Largest Landfill

On January 19 the Estrutural garbage dump, which opened 67 years ago was closed. Governor Rodrigo Rollemberg opened a new landfill further outside the city as a replacement. The move has angered thousands of scavengers who make a living from the garbage. They go through the waste and take what they believe is worth saving. At the opening of the new landfill, the governor said, “We cannot live with this open wound in the midst of our nation’s capital, a dump where human beings put their lives at risk seeking a livelihood in an undignified way.” For years, thousands of poor people searched through the Estrutrual dump for cans, copper wire or anything else that could be used or sold. Generations of garbage pickers brought their children to work in the smelly, dirty landfill. Rollemberg’s plan is to employ the scavengers at new recycling centers, where the garbage can be separated in cleaner conditions. Environmentalists made a strong case for closing the old garbage dump. They warned that it was polluting Brasilia’s water supply. More than 1,200 tons of garbage were left every day at the old landfill.


ReFed US Food Waste Summit

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 8:00 AM – Thursday, June 28, 201811:00 AM 

Join the Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic and ReFED to accelerate food waste solutions across the U.S. The U.S. Food Waste Summit will convene leading food businesses, policymakers, innovators, investors, foundations, and nonprofits to explore emerging opportunities for food waste prevention, recovery, and recycling. Attendees will: Learn about the latest food waste trends and insights; Network and build partnerships with thought leaders and decision-makers from across sectors; Join multistakeholder working groups to advance new solutions.


4 Apps to Fight Food Waste with Your Phone

By Hannah Saulters


Hungry Harvest Delivery Service fights food waste

Hungry Harvest is a farm to doorstep produce delivery service that since our appearance on Shark Tank (and deal with investor Robert Herjavec) has cut deeply into unnecessary food waste and hunger. Our subscribers have helped us rescue over 5 million pounds of oddly shaped and surplus produce from going to waste and enabled us to feed 70,000 families with our food access and subsidized donation efforts. Our produce boxes are 20-40 percent less expensive than grocery stores; they start at just $16 per week with no commitment and offer the convenience of delivery for no more than a $1.99 delivery fee. Hungry Harvest currently delivers in Baltimore, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, Northern Virginia and South Florida. Hungry Harvest believes every person has the right to eat healthy and every fruit and vegetable deserves to be eaten. Its inspiring mission to end food waste and hunger in the US starts by rescuing delicious produce that farmers can’t otherwise sell due to cosmetic imperfections or surpluses.