Is this really the end of Bitcoin? I’m attending this online event !

Dear Reader,
Bitcoin is down roughly 65% from its December high.
And many in the financial media now believe that the “crypto boom” is dead.
But is this really the end of Bitcoin?
Whether you already own some Bitcoin or are thinking about buying cryptos for the first time… chances are, you have a lot of questions right now.
Which is why you should sign up for our Emergency Bitcoin Briefing next Thursday at 8 PM.
Our crypto expert will walk you through what this crypto volatility means… and reveal his shocking prediction for what will happen in cryptos next. And how you could make a lot of money along the way.
He’ll also hold a Q&A session, to answer your most pressing questions.
I urge you to sign up now.
Jared Kelly
Managing Director
Stansberry Research
P.S. Next Thursday’s event is completely free, but we’re anticipating a large audience. A reservation is required. So please click here to reserve your spot immediately.