Pagetrader, SightLife Surgical, and Hooray Health on CEO Money

Monty Monytoya
CEO – Sightlife Surgical

Monty Montoya has devoted his career to the worldwide elimination of corneal blindness by 2040. For those in the global arena of corneal transplantation and eye banking, he is considered a true social humanitarian for working tirelessly to achieve that mission for the past 20 years.
Monty started his career in eye banking in 1991 in Arizona as a part-time technician. He joined nonprofit SightLife in 1997, when he was hired to turn the organization around during a period of operational and financial struggle.
Today, Monty is the CEO of SightLife Surgical, a for-profit arm of SightLife created to accelerate the SightLife mission to eliminate corneal blindness worldwide by 2040 by driving innovations that lead to advancements in the corneal ecosystem.

Shane Foss
Founder and CEO – Hooray Health

Shane is a Sales & Business Development Executive having successful history of leading business restructuring, turnaround, and successive growth, while directing strategic sales & business development initiatives including planning & implementation, sales management, operations’ excellence, budget management, as well as cost optimization & control. He is a Strategic Visionary and Leader for Business Change, Growth, and Performance Improvement with 20+ years of demonstrated leadership experience, driving force for repeatedly taking companies to the next level of growth and success.
Hooray Health is an Urgent Care and Retail Clinic National Provider Network built for the Hooray Health individual and group limited medical insurance plans. Our goal is to offer a low-cost, practical healthcare plan that is supported by technology and a robust provider network to protect our members against predatory balanced bill billing practices while providing broad access to contracted providers.