Christine Cashen and 360 Grassroots on CEO Money

Christine Cashen
A Dynamic Speaker, INC.

Christine Cashen is a hilarious keynote speaker and author of, THE GOOD STUFF, named Motivational Book of the Year by the Indie Book Awards. Her new book, It’s YOUR Business, came out one month ago.
She has dazzled audiences for over 20 years with class, humor, and wit, providing real-life strategies on sparking ideas, handling conflict, reducing stress and energizing employees. Christine was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame and was bestowed an Honorary Doctorate from Central Michigan University. She resides in Dallas with her husband, two children and chocolate lab, Murphy. Check out more at

Bridgette Hawks

The Farmstead will be a collection of businesses and programs that promote healthy living, community growth, and our proud heritage. The development will also be a shining example of recycling and preservation of our heritage by housing all of its shops, restaurants, businesses and organizations in distinctively repurposed or replicated historic farm houses, barns and buildings that have been reclaimed and rebuilt with harmony and purpose.
Their mission is to build a first-of-its-kind hybrid development where commercial businesses operate in harmony with non-profit organizations to offer visitors a unique blend of goods, services at its shops and restaurants, and a number of life enriching programs and learning experiences that promote healthy living and repurposed lifestyles. It will be a vibrant, sustainable development that provides places to gather for anything from casual meetings to formal events.