BubbaTrading, Figure 9 Capital, and Pagetrader on CEO Money

Todd Horwitz
President – Bubba Trading
Todd “Bubba” Horwitz teaches beginners and experts a better way to trade and invest through podcasts, options training courses, and other services. In addition to my trading, he has have a number of educational and media ventures, which include hosting a daily podcast The Bubba Show. Mr. Horwitz is the founder and chief strategist of BubbaTrading.com.
As the moderator of a daily sixty minute radio broadcast, the “Bubba Show” he specialize in dissecting the news and educating investors from beginners and experts. The show brings a unique perspective, not only on the financial markets, but also the geopolitical and social events that are influencing the world. The eclectic nature of the broadcast allows me to interview a wide range of personalities from ex-Fed governor Andrew Huzar, to personalities from the financial community such as Terry Savage, Liz Claman and David Asman.

Joe Saunders
Managing Partner – Figure 9 Capital

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Figure 9 is a boutique real estate brokerage and investment firm, founded to provide the highest level of service to real estate owners and investors through long term, trusted advisory relationships. We specialize in real estate investment, operation, and development.
Since founding his first business at the age of 19 while simultaneously working to obtain a triple major in Management, Marketing, and Finance from the University of Alaska Anchorage, Joe has been involved in a variety of ventures at all stages. This experience served as a foundation to develop the expertise necessary to raise capital, build a team, execute a plan, and generate returns for investors.
Joe has also served for many years as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of an Alaska-based general contractor. His efforts have expanded operations from Alaska to Hawaii, Colorado, and Oregon.

David Williams
President – Pagetrader

After years of day trading in the marketplace, our founder David Williams, created a trading product unlike any other. Using the forecasting methodology of Spatial Relationship Forecasting, the solutions provided by PageTrader are not mere changes to a repackaged or readjusted indicator provided by another trading system. When you want a superior day trading system solution for your investing portfolio, you want the products created by PageTrader. For superior forecasting services, PageTrader is the right choice for your daytrading activities.
PageTrader, Ltd is a Nevada limited liability company, dedicated to being the #1 futures forecasting service in the world. Through our unparalleled experience and knowledge in the daytrading market, our trading systems have given investors the information they need at their fingertips, giving them a profitable trading solution – consistently.