Altitude Products, Title Plant Software, and the FutureTech Podcast on CEO Money

Krista Whitley
Founder and CEO – Altitude Products

Altitude Products

Founder and CEO of Altitude Products, Krista is building an empire that includes the cannabis industry’s premier marketing and sales agency Social Media Unicorn, the cannabis industry’s most explosive product launch to date with The Weekend Box, and the licensing rights to some of the cannabis industry’s most established brands for the state of Nevada. Altitude Products designs exceptional products that unify the cannabis community. It was founded under the belief that the heart of every cannabis product is the community. Today, Altitude Products is actively developing the technologies to create ultra-premium products that unify the cannabis industry by connecting to local cannabis communities, with the ultimate goal of creating cutting edge lifestyle products that normalize the use of cannabis.

Larry Eppard
Founder – Title Plant Software

Founded by seasoned title industry software veterans, Title Plant Software has innovated the way title plants are built and managed. With advanced flexibility and ease of access, Title Plant Software helps you create and manage your plant the way you want it!

Mr. Eppard Graduated from University of Iowa with a BS in Computer Science. He Spent 7 years with Caterpillar, came to Dallas with TI, then went into consulting. He has been the CTO/COO of various industries, focusing on technology versus a vertical industry. He spent the last 7 years assisting clients moving to the cloud and started TitlePlantsoftware in 2017.

Richard Jacobs
Author, founder of Futuretech Podcast
and Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Superconference

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In October 2016, Richard started Future Tech Podcast, and has now interviewed 400+ companies in the Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine industries. Richard also ran the podcast, and has recently published a book, titled: “Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain: Lessons From 200+ Interviews of Blockchain Companies”, published on Amazon, Kindle, and

He has recently partnered with Josh Thomas, a marketing industry veteran, to create the Blockchain-focused Consulting Firm, Blockchain Edge.